These Are The Reasons: 13 Oldest Spinsters In Nollywood Reveals Why They’re Still Single; Rita Dominic & Genevieve Nnaji’s Reason WIll Blow Your Mind


I’m Ready For Marriage But It Hasn’t Come My Way Star actress Franca Brown recently talked about her single status at over 40 and her readiness to get married if marriage comes her way.

Franca has a cute daughter though. Speaking to Vanguard recently, she responded thus: Don’t you believe in marriage? I believe in marriage.

I was born into a home, I have a father and a mother

.But marriage has not come my way, and I don’t think it’s yet a challenge to me.

When it comes my way, it comes. But are you ready for the asking? Why not! As a woman I am ready. Does it mean there is no man in your life?

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