10 Best Universities in Nigeria 2018 By National University Council (NUC)

The list of top 10 universities in Nigeria 2018 as ranked by the National University Council (NUC) include:

1. University of Ibadan
This school is listed first as the best federal university in the country by the NUC and was featured in The Reuters Top 100 in their latest rankings of world universities 2018.
The University of Ibadan was formed in 1947. This academic institution was known as a college affiliated with the University of London. The college began with courses in Arts, Medicine and even in Science.

Over the years, it has since being accredited as an independent educational institution and offers numerous academic programmes and departments. The school has 13 faculties which include:
Faculty of Arts,
Faculty of Science,
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences,
Faculty of Clinical Sciences,
Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry,
Faculty of Social Sciences,
Faculty of Education,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Faculty of Pharmacy,
Faculty of Technology,
Faculty of Law,
Faculty of Public Health and
Faculty of Dentistry
The University’s College of Medicine is currently rated as one of the best in Nigeria. UI has churned out many first class and second class graduates who are doing the nation proud both locally, regionally (west Africa) and internationally.

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