Things That Can Make S*x Really Boring For Guys


In this part of the world, we are conditioned to believe that guys love s*x, regardless of the circumstances, which is, honestly, not a great way to think.

It reduces men to only s*xual beings who don’t care about the emotional connection or their partner as long as their penis is inside a v*gi*a. However, some guys might feel that way, but for most men, s*x can be boring and it can be bad.

Here are 4 things that make s*x really boring for guys.

1. A super shy partner
Guys don’t like it when their partner is super shy in bed. They want someone who seems like they want to have s*x and who can ask for what they want. When you are really shy and not confident about your body is a big buzz kill for some guys. You don’t need to be the most confident woman in the world, but try to put away your insecurities and enjoy yourself.

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