Sweat A Lot? These 7 Tips Will Help You Keep Your Cool

These seven tips will help you keep your cool…

Sweating is the human body’s response to heat and is a natural part of everyday life.

But millions sweat excessively and feel uncomfortable about it, particularly because it may leave noticeable patches or stains on their clothing.

If you fall in that category, there are several ways you can adjust your personal climate control and avoid discomfort.

Here are seven easy and natural steps to keep you as cool and dry on a hot day.

1. Daily hygiene

You can get an early start on keeping cool by using a mild anti-bacterial soap when taking your shower in the morning.

Add evening showers to your daily routine for a double dose of coolness and freshness.

Don’t forget to apply antiperspirant on clean, dry skin especially where you’re prone to sweating.

You can also get special armpit pads to minimise sweat. This will help you remain fresh and dry at your most active time of the day.

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