See 6 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Shamelessly Posed Their Completely N a k e d Photos On Internet

Going c0mpletely n*ked to promote their craft is a thing many a few Nigerian celebrities are comfortable with and will do effortlessly.

Here are 10 celebrities that have posed c0mpletely n*ked.

Toyin Lawani

The serial entrepreneur is known for her love of showing off her hot body and this she does effortlessly. Toyin for a while now has continued to tease fans online with some of her super r*cy photos going an extra mile with a couple which saw her posing completely n**ed. The mother of two who came under heat for a particular photo recently, took to her page to slam her haters writing;


Do I look like I Give A shit ?

Your opinions still don’t put food on the table. Go Back to your international celebrities pages and continue your night and day worship there. if my work inspire you let it , if my body and me being comfortable in it don’t please you , you can suck my p***y”

“Bloody hypocrites Half of you Are n*sty behind closed doors and you come out to blab shit about my kids , what they see is A Beautiful hardworking woman , your minds Are messed up ,so you don’t see the work ,Half of you can’t even work half as hard as me ,nor control all I control , so go fu*****k yourselves, Do I look like all those celebs you are comparing me with , they can never be me and I can never Be them , I’m Me and I’m happy to being me #kingofallQueen”

Uche Ogbodo 

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