Wow! Read Inspiring Story Of A Couple Who Slept On The Floor To Build A Multi-million Naira Business (This Is Must Read For Everyone)

Below is inspirational story everyone will love to read about Oluwatoyin Aladejana, the wife of a wealthy Nigerian entrepreneur, Adewale Aladejana, who owns Sapphire scents. She stood by him during trying and difficult times and even squatted with her husband in his friend’s house in Abuja. Now, her struggling days are over as she is apparently reaping the fruit of supporting her man.
Read below what a friend, Olusegun Daniels Ursherfemi shared about the couple online to celebrate her.
Can I tell you about this woman here with the Saphire King?
1- she married a man who all he is worth was in a Ghana must go just about 3 or 4 years ago
2- Stayed with and believed in her husband all next below to continue..

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