Top 8 Fashion Trends Decent Ladies Need To Stay Away From — Number 4 Is A ‘No No’ For All Ladies

Here Are 8 Fashion Trends Decent Ladies Need To Stay Away From: Many Christians and Muslim women finds it difficult to control the level of the fashion trends that they adopt to fit into a match with the level of Christianity or dedicated Muslim that they claim to be.

When it comes to fashion and God, it’s all about your heart, right? who cares if your outfit is 12 years outdated and full of holes; as long as you have a servant’s heart, it’s all good.

When you represent a company, you typically dress in a business suit. You are careful that the material is ironed, that your hair is neat and in place, and that your shoes don’t have holes in them. Meeting with a corporate client in holey jeans, a baggy t-shirt, and a bad case of bed head probably wouldn’t win you points with the boss.

Similarly, God wants His ambassadors to reflect Him. Our God is not the frumpy, dull, or ugly type; He is a God of beauty. However some ‘beauty’ may not be the type that impresses God

Below are 7 Latest Fashion Trend That Religious People Need To Stay Away From

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