Top 8 Fashion Trends Decent Ladies Need To Stay Away From — Number 4 Is A ‘No No’ For All Ladies

1. Camel t0e revealing outfits
It is considered “indecent exposure” when a person exposes his or her private parts in a public space, or in a place where other people are present. This includes any type of exhibitionism in public.

Although we know God wants us to focus on our character rather than on our outward appearance, we also need to remember that we are his representatives.

I’m still waiting for the day I will see 2 girls arguing about who has the best camel toe. What I will do that day Ehn….! I wonder what girls gain in showing the world the shape of their private part.

Is it in the name of fashion or in the name of “I don’t have a mirror at home”? Don’t show your camel toe in public cos it’s disgusting. Ask any guy around, he will tell you how much he hates it. Lol

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