See Nigerian Police Ranks And Salaries – You Wont Believe The Money They Take Home Monthly

Nigerian police rank and salary is another valuable information to be provided for Nigerian. It`s pretty prestige to serve to the country by any way possible. While Nigerian army serves on the battlefronts against terrorist organizations, police provide the security within the cities of Nigeria. The Nigeria police rank salaries are paid from the taxes provided by the citizens of Nigeria. The police force duty at the present stage has a total number of 371 800 men and women. They are placed all over the police departments in Nigeria.


The Nigerian Federal department also provided the information that Nigeria has plans to increase the quantity up to 650 000 people. Therefore, people are expected to witness more Nigeria police rank badges on the streets of Nigeria.

Nigerian police rank structure

The Nigeria police was established in 1930. It now has 36 commands spread across Nigeria. They all are grouped into 12 different zones across the nation. These zones are controlled by the seven different administrative organs. Nigeria has over two thousand police stations. The highest police rank in Nigeria is General of Police. This rank is also granted with the highest salary. Prev post1 of 9Next

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