Actress Funke Akindele Gave Birth To Her Twins In London – True Or False? Here Is What We Know

Did Funke Akindele Gave Birth To Her Twins In London? Here Is What We Know

The viral news of Funke Akindele alleged delivery were spread so fast after the actress, who was said to be heavily pregnant, left to the United Kingdom. So is that true that Funke Akindele twins were born in London? And was she truly pregnant? Funke Akindele who is famous for the role as Jenifa in almost 10-years-old comedy sitcom “Jenifa’s Diaries” was announced to be pregnant. Faithful fans saw a suspiciously big “baby bump” in some of her pictures and decided to provide their own investigation on the Internet trying to reveal whether the actress would react to the rumors. But let’s be honest, there is no objective evidence of Funke Akindele being pregnant. No official statement or interview of the actress or her husband confirming the pregnancy and/or delivery.

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