How To Make A Woman Org**m Fast… With These 3 Killer S * x Positions

Now it’s a known fact that wom** find it much harder to “get off” and or**sm without any fo**play, so you should always try and introduce f*replay before s*x, let those tricky f*ngers hang loose bro.

But even before fo**play, you have to get her totally relaxed so she’s comfortable in your company. If she’s not relaxed, it’s game over… she’ll be fakin like a pro.

Take your time dude, just make her feel at ease so she’s practically begging you to have s** with her… this is when you take it to the next stage and bring out the “BIG GU**S”.

Right then, once you’ve made her feel relaxed, cl*thes are off and you’re humping her like a jack r*bbit, remember to use these 3 cheeky G-S*ot moves:

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