3 Surprises You Will Experience In Your First Year Of Marriage

Here’re 3 Surprises You Will Experience In Your First Year Of Marriage

No matter how long you were engaged to someone, or how long you dated for, the experience of being married comes with few curve balls that you may never see coming.
This does not necessarily bode something sinister. It just points to marriage as a thing that naturally comes with so many changes that even the most diligent marriage preparation and counselling may not necessarily prepare you for.

So here are three things [and other possibilities] still have the potential of surprising you.

1. The real extent of interdependence
One of the biggest changes that marriage brings is the melding of lives

This is not news to many of us. As much as we have an idea of it though, when some people actually experience the extent to which theirs and their spouse’s lives became twined, they were indeed shocked, to be honest. [They never experrerit]

One moment you’ll be Miss Independent doing your own thing, before you know it, you’re Mrs. Dependent, asking if every of your move will not be inconvenient for your spouse.

Knowing about it might not be enough to handle this experience, really, but best be prepared for it nonetheless.

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