10 Signs You’re Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

Everyone has a friend of the opposite s*x we call our best friend forever (BFF).

What you feel for your BFF is usually platonic love. You spend a lot of time together, share secrets, run to each other for a shoulder to lean on even if you are in a relationship with someone else. You sometimes place your BFF’s interest above your partner’s.

You tell yourself that your BFF is nothing but a friend, no strings attached. BFFs are friend-zoned.

However, love is an unpredictable feeling. Because of the intimacy you share with your BFF, you might not be aware that you are beginning to, or have already fallen passionately in love with him or her.

And sometimes, even when you realise the shift in emotions, you dwell in self-denial.

Below are 10 signs to know your love for your BFF has crossed the line.

Skipping heart beats

If your heart begins to skip a beat when you run into your best friend, then your feelings may have begun to evolve into something beyond platonic.

You become conscious of your appearance

Your BFF is supposed to be your dump box. You are most free with him or her and care less if they see the speck of foam on your hair or the dried lines of sweat on your shirt.

But if you are becoming too conscious of every little detail about your appearance when they are around you, that might be a sign that you are in love with your BFF.

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