5 Best Cities To Search For Employment In Nigeria

Unemployment is one of the major challenges in Nigeria. Graduate youths increase at Geometric progression annually while job opportunities increase at Arithmetic progression. Thus making the labor very competitive and challenging. However, this article attempt to present to our readers the 5 best cities to look for jobs in Nigeria.

Although unemployment is rampart in the country, but some cities have more employment opportunities than others. So, We sincerely hope that you will leave your village to one of these cities after reading this article.

It is actually very funny how some graduates will finish Youth Service and go back to the village to sit down. They will end up giving their resume to their uncles that retired from NNPC ten years ago.

These same people will end up saying I graduated 4 years ago, there is no job. Ask him how many jobs he has applied for. You will hear, I gave my uncle CV and he refuse to help me. The first step to getting a job in Nigeria is to leave your comfort zone.

You can’t be in Lokoja, and expect to get a job of 200k per month there, it is almost impossible. Go to those cities where the opportunities are, then start searching. So, below are the best cities to look for jobs in Nigeria.

What Are The 5 Best Cities To Look For Jobs In Nigeria?

#1 Lagos

One of the best cities to look for jobs in Nigeria is Lagos. It is the busiest and most industrialized city in West Africa. There are several employment opportunities for job seekers in Lagos.

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