Meet Yoruba Football Star,Dele Alli Who Has Cut Ties With His, Father Kehinde (All You Need To Know About Him From His Childhood With Photos)

When Dele Alli first burst onto the scene with Tottenham in the 2015/2016 season, his name quickly struck a chord among Nigerians.

The name ‘Dele” was clearly of Yoruba descent and soon enough it bespoke that he was born to a Nigerian father Kehinde.

An ‘aha’ moment that soon made him very topical to the Nigerian press, Premier League enthusiasts in Nigeria and expectedly whispers of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) having a crack at recruiting him.

Disappointingly, Alli had no tie-in with Nigeria and has gone on to become a full England international.

So what happened?… CLICK NEXT TO CONTINUE…

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