5 Reasons Why Igbos Have Strong Business Acumen

When it comes to doing business in Nigeria, it is believed that the Igbos of eastern Nigeria are number one.

You cannot compete with them. You find them in every good business from retail to shipping, hotel, hospitality, import and export. They are always there. As in their adrenalin for doing business is out of this world.

From the old to the young ones, they blessed with natural business acumen and they have hugely taken advantage of it to create wealth for themselves.

In line with this, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency identifies 5 reasons why Igbo have strong business spirit.

5.They are will to travel to do business

You should envy the ingenuity and knack for business by the Igbos. Where other Nigerian tribes can never go, you will find the Igbos there. They are on ground fearlessly and painstakingly doing their business. They blend and embrace the culture that you begin to think they are one of them. This is not restricted to the borders of Nigeria.

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