Davido, Wizkid, Olamide 3 Other Top Nigerian Celebrities And Their Beautiful Mansions (Photos)

Wizkid, Olamide, Davido, 3 Other Top Nigerian Celebrities And Their Beautiful Mansions (Photos)

Let’s talk about Nigerian celebrities and their houses! Do you want to find out all the chic mansions owned by some of the most famous super stars? Only the best photos! You will be surprised! Everyone who has achieved a certain success in life tries to buy real estate. As for celebrities, the place of residence is also an indicator of their status. They say, my house is my castle. The show business stars are divided into two categories. There are those who prefer not to advertise their homes. They buy a modest house far away from prying eyes or prefer to rent housing and not stay for a long time in one place.

Then there are the ones who want to build or buy something super expensive and grandiose to impress the world and make themselves more interesting. Such celebrities, typically, equip houses with the best and the fanciest designs. They buy expensive furniture and interior items. A large area and swimming pool are also attached to the list.

Nigerian celebrities certainly enjoy showing off. Of course, we cannot take into account all the stars, but we’ll try to consider some of the most famous ones and their houses.

1. Wizkid house
In 2016, the highly successful musician acquired a mansion on the hills of Los Angeles, in the United States. As you can see in the photos, it’s a real “palace” in a colonial style. The building of the house is quite large. It has three floors. The house is painted in sandy colour and blends in with the surrounding landscape.

A gorgeous staircase made of white marble leads to the front entrance. It’s made in the classical style. The building has large panoramic windows, several balconies, and graceful terraces with columns. The surrounding of the house is decorated with arches and wrought-iron fences on balconies and terraces. A unique charm to the palace is shown by lanterns fixed on the walls of the house. It gives the place a vintage look.

Around the house, there are a lot of green spaces. In front of the mansion, a large courtyard can be found. It’s laid out with terracotta tiles and has a decent-sized swimming pool. At the pool, there are many places to get some or host friendly gatherings. Obviously the musician and his friends spend a lot of time here. A beautiful view of nature opens up from the house and courtyard. The house interior is also made in the classical style. The decoration of the mansion is simple without any excess. Only calm and neutral colors can be found there.

The amount paid by the singer for his palace is not known to the public. But real estate in this area costs approximately 10 – 15 million dollars. We bet Wizkid is loving this fancy crib.

It’s said that the musician has a house in Lekki, Nigeria. But whether it’s the singer’s property or he just rents the house, it’s not very clear.

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