8 Heartbreak Text You Can Send To Your Ex

Top quotes on heartbreak for boys and girls Leaving someone does not mean the love is gone, sometimes you just love the person so much, you accept the fact that he/she will be happier with someone else. I hope you understand that it’s better that we break than to stay and make both our lives miserable. Everything I have dreamt of in life is now gone, it all left me when you walked out that door. When you left me, you took a part of me with you. I am incomplete without you, I hope you feel the same way and come back to me again. We have been together for how many years, how can you throw it all away just like that? If you could only just give us another try, I promise we could make this work.

I am not in the position to get hurt now that you love somebody else, because you were not mine in the first place.

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