7 Things You Should Really Know About Having S e x in Water – Must See

Oh yeah! water s*x is one of those things that looks way, way better on screen than it actually is IRL. There are just a few issues you should know about…

1. It’s not st.erile.
Sure, you’re probably not getting freaky in a hospital-grade bed anyway, but bodies of water can carry some pretty gross bac.teria like E.coli and sal.monella. That includes pools and hot with imp.roper pH levels, rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. “There is a chance that you are pushing ba.cteria or other ge.rms into the va.ginal ca.nal and into your body,” says women’s health expert Dr Jennifer Wider.

2. You can get seriously dry dow.n
It seems like water would be an awesome l.ube—after all, it’s But not so fast: “Water is not a good lu.bricant at all,” says gynecologist Dr Jessica Shepherd.
Not only that, it can wash away the natural l.ubricant your body makes and dry you out, she says. As a result, it may be harder for you to stay as we.t (and comfortable) during se.x in water than on dry land.

3. You could be setting your.self up for va.ginal tea.ring.
That lack of can be a problem and may even lead to increased frict.ion in your va.gina, Shepherd says. And we’re not talking about the good kind of fric.tion. Think more va.ginal micro-te.ars, Wider says. Also keep this in mind: If your partner is wearing a con.dom, more fric.tion increases the od.ds the co.ndom will tear, she poin.ts out.

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