Top Nigerian Celebrities Who Had Secret Weddings (Photos)

Here Are Top Nigerian Celebrities Who Had Secret Weddings (Photos)

Nigerian celebrities who had secret weddings: The celebrity life is full of so many advantages. You have access to exclusive parties, have money from endorsements and other means simply because you are popular, you have a wide fan base, you have a voice so whatever you say gets heard many times more, and so on.

This is not forgetting the luxury lifestyle that these set of people enjoy. It always seems wonderful, until you become one and you realize that not all that glitters is gold. Amongst the many challenges that celebrities face, one of the worst is the infringement of their privacy. Whatever you do or say is being recorded.

Your past is looked into, comparisons are made with you, and everything possible can be used against you. You battle with misleading news and it sometimes eats very frustrating. This is not forgetting the tabloids and paparazzi that trail you. So when certain celebrities take extra effort to make sure they have their space, we really don’t blame them. When it comes to celebrity weddings, the media gets heated up and if care isn’t taken, you’ll have unwanted guests at your wedding. For this reason, some celebrities have been known to have really secret weddings. In recent times, here are some of the celebrity weddings that were carried out with utmost secrecy.



The popular Mavin musician really made fans understand the meaning or privacy. Just after releasing a few hit songs as part of Mavin, Di’ja went off grid. While there were speculations that she was in the process of getting married, nobody knew for a fact.

Reports later showed that she had gotten married in December 2015. It wasn’t until early July of 2016, that Di’Ja finally came out to say that she had gotten married months ago and had even given birth to a boy.

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