9 Ways To Know If A Girl Single Without Asking Her

Below are 9 Ways To Know If A Girl Single Without Asking Her

1.She isn’t stuck to her phone
The two biggest reasons girls use their phones is to either communicate with their friends, or their boyfriends. Sometimes, it’s the boyfriends that want to be in constant contact with their girlfriends (esp. if their relationship is in the honeymoon period). So if she doesn’t check her phone often, keeps it on silent when with you and has her complete attention focused on you, her chances of being single are high.

She maintains a respectful distance from guys
Now of course, she might be the kinda gal that doesn’t socialize with guys much because she isn’t comfortable with them, or she simply maintains a distance in order to avoid unnecessary drama. However, it could also mean that she’s in a relationship and she’s respecting her boyfriend’s wishes by maintaining a distance from guys who aren’t her next below to continue

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