How To Know That A Guy Is Rich But He Is Trying To Hide It



Below Are 5 Ways To Know That A Guy Is Rich Even When He Is Trying To Hide It

Money is like s*x: the more of it you have, the less likely you are to obsess about it. Which is why many really wealthy people don’t live conspicuous lifestyles. It’s why the most popular car among millionaires is a pickup truck and not Mercedes/BMW/etc. For every insecure egomaniac living the lifestyle of the rich and shameless, there are a dozen living quietly – or what the late Thomas Stanley called “The millionaire next door”

The quiet Billionaires typically live a slightly upper middle class lifestyle. They have nice homes, but not mansions. They are more likely to drive Hondas, Subarus, Volvos, Jeep Grand Cherokees, or a Ford F150. They shop at Costco, and Target. They have nice clothes, but usually avoid “designer” brands, gaudy jewelry, and other outward displays of conspicuous consumption…click next below to continue..

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